Posted on: March 1, 2009 8:45 pm

Will A-Rod Feel The Wrath Of Selig and MLB

Well if they are true to form, there is a distinct possibility.

MLB does not seem to like it when players make them look stupid, but it is just too damn easy to do!

They make the rules up as they go along, telling you something is fine, but 2 months later it isn't and they call you on the carpet, for what? Believing them? Yup!

Obviously stay clean and you have nothing to worry about. If they were listening to self help cd's and improving your mindset that is ok. If you are doing heroin, (which last time I checked is very illegal) they forgive you. But if you use chemical enhancers to improve yourself you have tainted the game, your team and yourself.

Steroids, like heroin, are illegal for public sale and consumption, and have been for quite some time. Why did it take so long for MLB to take a stand here? Because guys like A-Rod put fans in the seats thats why!

Nuff said!

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Posted on: February 14, 2009 6:46 pm

Raw Effin Deal!!

MLB has its head up its butt!

Players have been using performance enhancing substances for many many years. \

When Hammerin Hank was in his prime greenies ran rampant. 

Steroids existed, but their use for tissue repair was not documented as widely as it is today.

In a sport where the owners are in business to make money, the players, regardless of their abilities are pawns in the big business roulette wheel, and if you aren't performing to the level that management expects you are yesterdays news. For years players have been searching through advice from doctors, nutritionists, etc, how to keep the edge and stay on top. How to recover from injury as quickly as possible.

The problem has been all too often it has been through the use of substances that were illegal, or not available to the general public.

When these substances were used by the players management would turn their heads so long as the results were productive. They didn't give a rat's ass what it was doing to the player or his family as long as they were winning.

Is this the players fault? Yes, but why are they the only ones to take the fall? If you help someone rob a bank you are guilty of aiding and abetting which will land you in jail too.

I am sure in many instances, much like managers of rock stars, management has furnished the illicit substances to the players, yet have some sort of immunity. Or they have turned them onto a place where they could get the substances and maintain some sort of immunity!

How the hell is that fair? Hypocrisy reigns supreme!

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Posted on: February 14, 2009 6:36 pm

Steroids In Baseball

I do not condone cheaters!

That said, all pro sports are making this up as they go along.

The players and their teams end up suffering, not to mention the fans, because management of the leagues turns their heads until they are backed into a corner, then a player or players fall.

It is time to hold management accountable here as well!

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Posted on: January 17, 2009 7:02 pm

Championship Sunday Weather, An NFC Advantage?

With the Eagles traveling to sunny mild Arizona, and the Ravens traveling to blustery cold Pittsburgh I ask you, where would you rather be?

The Zona weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 70s. Pittsburgh, lucky to hit 25 with possible snow. In the cold weather, with 2 hard hitting defenses going at each other the chance for injury has got to be higher. This could be a detrement to the AFC representative in the Super Bowl and they may be thanking their stars for a week off in between. Muscles will tighten up in the cold, breathing is labored and the hits bite that much more, I don't care what kind of shape you are in, it is a fact.

So when the Eagles dispense of the Cardinals tomorrow, they can look forward to exploiting some banged up opponents in the Super Bowl.

Go Eagles!!

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 9:10 pm

Phillies Are THE TeamTo Beat For Sure!

The Phillies have done nothing to detract from their hold on the top spot in baseball. It is somewhat comical to see for the past several years that teams who have spent millions less than the Yankees on building teams have had so much sucess while the Yankees have loundered. The last successful purchase of a championship that was overtly obvious was when Huyzenga bought a World Series victory for Florida and then summarily broke that team apart.

Now that the Yanks have been wide open with spending it will do my heart good to see all that expenditure go to waste again. I really think the Rays can win that division again. They haven't, like the Phillies, stepped backward either.

I look for the AL East to play out 1 Rays 2 BoSox 3 Yanks. So Steinbrenner, here is a good old fashioned Italian Salute to you and your blessed Yankees!

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Posted on: January 11, 2009 7:09 pm


Hey, the World Series Trophy tour kicks off 30 stops in January tomorrow 1-12. I am going to try to see it if I can up close and personal like. Like the rest of you I am looking to keep the trophy right here in Philly for another year too.

What do you think of the off season activity so far? Ibanez signed at 10million per year, Burrell made 14million, so that frees up some money.  I think part of the reason they have not been more active though is they have several big name starters eligible for arbitration this year and some of them should get some pretty hefty pay raises. That being said though, they should have plenty of money to throw at some higher quality players. I think the Feliz Dobbs situation at 3B is adequate at best. With 3 other MVP type players rounding out the infield I would have liked to see them upgrade themselves there either through free agency or a trade. I am not sure what Feliz' contract situation is but I am sure they could have moved him for a good minor leaguer or a bullpen guy if they had to go free agent. I was a little excited when there was rumored they were getting DeRosa from Chicago, but it didn't happen.

I think that winning the series was the best thing that could have happened for the players, the fans and the city in general (sporting goods stores sales went through the roofin sept and oct) but I think it was probably the worst thing that could have happened to the Phillies front office. We have gotten on them in the past for not going after top rank free agents, and this win may make them more complacent because they think they got it done. I hope that isn't true but I feel the tendency for them to sit on their laurels is there in a big way.


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Posted on: January 2, 2009 1:15 pm

What Will The AP Do?????????

The pupose of the BCS was to decrease the difficulty in determining a national champion in college football. However, If Texas wins big in their game, Texas Tech wins big in theirs, as USC already did,  and the Florida-Oklahoma game is a close game with no real dominator,  what do you do?  The AP poll does not have to adhere to the BCS and we could be left with a mess that would have as many as 5 teams with a case for a shared National Championship.  Can you say PLAYOFF?  We need one in college football division 1 and we need it now!!
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Posted on: January 2, 2009 1:07 pm

The Rose Bowl screams for a playoff in College FB

I have to admit, I have a lot of Penn State ties, including a son who attends the great University, and although from the Philly area view Penn State with a sort of homer mentality, and have rooted them on for many years.  Yesterdays performance in the Rose Bowl was a dismal display.  It was riddled with evidence of lack of preparation that is not the trademark of the Penn State I know. They got a couple of bad breaks early but seemed to mentally be unable to regroup.  Unable to move the ball consistently and commiting so many mental errors that cost them big plays was not only painful to watch, but inexcusable for a team that was likely only a few seconds away from the BCS title game.   USC looked yesterday like they deserved to be in the BCS title game!  This whole situation screams for a playoff system once and for all!!!
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