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Will A-Rod Feel The Wrath Of Selig and MLB

Posted on: March 1, 2009 8:45 pm

Well if they are true to form, there is a distinct possibility.

MLB does not seem to like it when players make them look stupid, but it is just too damn easy to do!

They make the rules up as they go along, telling you something is fine, but 2 months later it isn't and they call you on the carpet, for what? Believing them? Yup!

Obviously stay clean and you have nothing to worry about. If they were listening to self help cd's and improving your mindset that is ok. If you are doing heroin, (which last time I checked is very illegal) they forgive you. But if you use chemical enhancers to improve yourself you have tainted the game, your team and yourself.

Steroids, like heroin, are illegal for public sale and consumption, and have been for quite some time. Why did it take so long for MLB to take a stand here? Because guys like A-Rod put fans in the seats thats why!

Nuff said!

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